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Our Focus

Direct Hire Portal partners with Fortune 1000 companies in various industries, on a national scale. Here at DHP, we are committed in finding the best talent for each of our clients by partnering with expert recruiters throughout the country. We pride ourselves in holding high standards for both Employers and Recruiters alike; therefore, we work diligently to bring the highest value to each of our customers and clients.

Your Advantage

Direct Hire Portal gives recruiters the ability to focus on recruiting and placing candidates in top tier companies, without the hassle of trying to establish new business opportunities.  We cut out your business development function altogether, this allows you to concentrate on the most important aspect of recruiting- the sourcing and placing of candidates. In short, we bring the companies to you!

Direct Hire Portal is a web-based exchange that works with 3rd party recruiters along with hiring managers & human resources professionals in multiple markets and industries. DHP’s staff & associates mediate and regulate the recruitment process to ensure that our networks of relationships are bringing the greatest value to each party’s commitment.

Below are some key aspects:

  • Significantly decrease time and effort in building business and negotiating

  • Having peace of mind that all jobs posted are accurate, current, and taken

  • Greatly increase your job placement ratio along with filling higher level

  • DHP limits the amount of recruiters according to the number of
    positions available.

Direct Hire Portal maximizes the effectiveness recruiters can have on each position that is being engaged. We are able to yield more successful fill rates than any other web-based recruiting website. Our primary goal is to bring value to recruiters and build relationships with employers. In order to do this, we maintain a high level of integrity and client support, always being responsive and professional.

Direct Hire Portal
Placement Opportunities

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Engineering Accounting/Finance
Operations Info Technology
Supply-Chain Human Resources
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Direct Hire Portal
"Direct Hire Portal gives recruiters the ability to access and recruit an unlimited array of high-quality positions from top tier companies."